The Reading

For this module we’re going to be reading chapter 03 in The Art of Watching Films, entitled "Fictional And Dramatic Elements.” This chapter goes into what makes any story work: dramatic structures, plot, conflict, characterization, etc. But it also explores how film is unique amongst storytelling forms: how rhythm and pacing, visual language, movement, and sound and music all work together to help tell stories in such a dynamic way. NOTE: just to dispel any confusion, for Module 02 you will be reading Chapter 03!

The Watching

Prepare to be spooked out… after reading chapter 03, we will be watching two films for this module, Robert Eggers' The Witch (2015) and Goran Stolevski's You Won't Be Alone (2022). Both of these films deal with a common subject matter – becoming a witch – and both are their respective director's debut feature films. And both, I hope you will agree, are tiny, self-contained masterpieces of subversive feminism. As always, the media for this can be found in the LEH 353 - Visual Storytelling library on Plex.

The Questions

After watching these films, complete the following questionnaire. You will only need to answer these questions once, commenting on – and sometimes comparing – both films in your answers. You can access the questionnaire for Module 02 in another window here.

Note: the questionnaire below contains multiple sections.