Welcome to Art/CGI 441 – Broadcast Design

This course involces the creation of sophisticated title sequences, TV show packaging, and on-air promotions to be used as part of DVD, video, and film production. In this particular course, we will be creating motion graphics for use in film, television, and online video content. Motion Graphics is essentially the theory and practice of graphic design as applied to time-based media. As such, the same rules that apply to graphic design - color sense, typography, size relationships, the grid, etc. - also apply to motion graphics. However, we must now also consider the added dimension of time. In this class we shall be reviewing and relearning the former, while immersing ourselves in the nuance of the latter.

The overall goal of this class is introduce the skills necessary to create eye-catching title sequences, on-air graphics and broadcast-quality graphics packages used in film, television, web, and other video outlets.

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Course Syllabus

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