Overview of Precedents

Let's begin class by hearing from each group about the different institutions they visited and the mobile apps they used during their visits.


JSYK, we're now in the ideation phase of the design process. Also known as brainstorming, the ideation phase of a UX/UI project is perhaps the most fun. This is where we see what other people have done in the same vein, list what we must have, what we'd like to have, what we shouldn't ever have, think about how a user interacts, and begin sketching. 

What does this app do?

But before we begin all of this ideation, let's just solidify what this app does... Here is the brief:

The Bronx Children's Museum's "Discovery Hunts" is a family-friendly app that invites users to explore and discover the Bronx. Combining science, nature, art, and culture, this app offers unique, scavenger hunt experiences in different areas of the Bronx.   

Functionality Prioritization Exercise

We continue our ideation by talking about must-have features, should-probably-haves features, nice-to-have features, and things that shouldn't be there at all. Let's list them all out.

"Must-Have" features
  • User Profiles
    • email
    • address (optional)
    • caregiver or parent?
    • paused hunts
    • user stats
      • overall "Discovery Score"
      • "Discovery Hunts" completed
      • things discovered (achievements)
      • personal best times for completing a hunt
      • awards
    • Family profile info
    • Teams (joined)
    • Social media connections
      • Instagram
      • TikTok
      • SnapChat
      • FaceBook
      • Youtube
      • Vimeo
      • etc
  • Teams
    • Team name
    • Members
    • Achievements
    • Paused hunts
  • Discovery Hunts
    • Intro Details
    • Total points available
    • Ages
    • Total estimate time to complete (i.e. par score)
    • Needed supplies (e.g. "a magnifying glass," or "a winning spirit," etc.)
    • Distance from current location to first stop
    • Directions to first stop
    • photos/video/audio from other completed hunts
    • sharing options
    • Map view (if necessary)
    • List view (of things to find)
    • Find Object view
    • Verify Found Object view
    • Found! view
    • Completed view
  • Location Tracking
  • Overall diagrammatic map of Bronx with different, available Discovery Hunts
  • (fun) Diagrams of each Discovery Hunt
    • provide user feedback
    • displays breadcrumbs or user feedback on progress
  • Menuing
  • Achievements
    • e.g. Black History Month Discovery Hunt
    • Fall Leaves Hunt
    • "Under Our Feet" hunt
      • "Bring a magnifying glass, because we'll be looking for lichens, worms, and mycelium right under our feet"
  • Unlocking of new features or objects in a Discovery hunt
  • Onboarding
    • for new users
    • helps to create User Profile
    • establishes language(s), location, family make-up, etc
  • Content downloading
    • no large (over 50mb) downloads
    • transparent download notifications when users are initiating the planning of trips
  • 'Random' Discovery Hunt
    • a dice-roll or wheel-of-fortune mechanism for randomly choosing a Discovery Hunt on a particular day.
    • suggests things to do
      • at random
      • based on a short, Buzzfeed-like survey of 3-5 questions
  • Similar things/locations/hunts presented after completion of a Discovery Hunt
  • Printable materials unlocked by achievements
    • activity worksheets
    • coloring pages
    • art projects
    • activity 'launch boxes' made available for pickup at museum
  • Leader Board
    • Lists user who have completed
      • the most Discovery Hunts
      • completed DHs in the fastest times
      • Discovered the most things total
"Could-Have" Features
  • menuing breadcrumbs to orient the user in the app
    • A well-developed app with an appropriate amount of information probably doesn't need breadcrumbs
  • QR code integration?
    • Pros: allows for verification of found objects
    • cons: requires real-world placement and maintenance in the greater Bronx
  • linking to external apps or browser
  • no in-app, browser-based content
  • no large downloads

Must-have Screens

These task models will, in turn, allow us to determine which screens we absolutely must-have. Before we start sketching, let's first make a list of these screens. A few examples:

  • Home/logo screen
  • About the Museum
    • Current exhibitions
    • Things to do IN the museum
  • All Available Scavenger Hunts
  • In-progress of Saved Scavenger Hunts
  • A Single Scavenger hunt description/directions/objectives/etc
  • Different stages of a given scavenger hunt
  • Scavenger Hunt Achievements

Homework – Due March 10

In addition to reworking your screen sketches, you'll also complete the fourth and final module of the Redesign Manual, [Module 04 – Photos, Illustrations, and Icons]. After you completed this, submit a link to the completed project file below: