Overview of Precedents

Let's begin class by hearing from each group about the different institutions they visited and the mobile apps they used during their visits.


JSYK, we're now in the ideation phase of the design process. Also known as brainstorming, the ideation phase of a UX/UI project is perhaps the most fun. This is where we see what other people have done in the same vein, list what we must have, what we'd like to have, what we shouldn't ever have, think about how a user interacts, and begin sketching. 

Functionality Prioritization Exercise

We continue our ideation by talking about must-have features, should-probably-haves features, nice-to-have features, and things that shouldn't be there at all. Let's list them all out.

  • Must-haves
  • Should-haves
  • Nice-to-haves
  • Should-not-haves

Must-have Screens

These task models will, in turn, allow us to determine which screens we absolutely must-have. Before we start sketching, let's first make a list of these screens. A few examples:

  • Home/logo screen
  • Capture or camera screen
  • Single Project view screen 
  • Single typeface screen

Homework – Due March 10

In addition to reworking your screen sketches, you'll also complete the fourth and final module of the Redesign Manual, [Module 04 – Photos, Illustrations, and Icons]. After you completed this, submit a link to the completed project file below: