Finishing the Basic Text Animation

A Semi-finished Masterpeice!

So I have completed the principle animation for my Close Guantanamo text animation. I have added a light source and fixed some of the basic animation described below. There are also a few things I would still like to fix, but the general idea is there:

Below you will find the video tutorials explaining how I done did it! To save some time, much of the more redundent steps are fast-forwarded. 

Introducing the 3D camera

It turns out, as you'll see in this video below, that animating our text layers is not so easy with our [current project]. Text layers are overlapping and it's dificult to get a good handle on the composition's dimension, which our currently set to a wildly non-standard 4000 px wide by 6165 px high. We can't hold off creating a camera layer any longer. Watch the video below to understand how the camera works, and watch it in action. Some of this action is fast-forwarded so you can watch it more quickly.

Fixing the Text Layers

We just need to pause for a second to talk about the layers in our composition. As you can see, the layers that were created upon importing our updated styleframe are not actually text layers. There is no available method to convert them into text layers, so we just need to manaually replacte some of these layers with actual text layers in After Effects. The following tutorial describes in more detail what I'm talking about:


Fast Forwarding and Finishing the Animation

The animation in this segment took about two hours collectively. Rather than make you watch two hours of me animating, I have fast-forwarded it.




The Final Project Presentations: Dec. 20th, 2012 at 9:30am.

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