Lower 3rd and Bugs

Before we begin today's exercise, let's discuss what lower 3rds and broadcast bumps are. 

Lower 3rd: so called because it sits at the bottom 3rd of the screen. This is usually where titles for on-screen interviews or locations go, out of the way of the screen activity. Here is an example of a lower 3rd I created for [this video]:


Broadcast Bug: a bug is a type of lower 3rd that doesn't necessarily relate to what's on screen, but rather advertises something else on the network. Sure, it's an annoying result of what is commonly called ad creep (the increasing invasion in our daily lives by different forms of advertising), but that's why they call it a bug. Here's an example of one that I made:


Character Animation and Parenting


Today we're going to explore a concept we've become somewhat familiar with – parenting – by applying it to something we aren't so familiar with: character animation. To the right you'll find the character that appears in the above bug.  Her name is Ruby, ee are going to animate her, and you can find her in these [exercise files]. For a disucssion about her we're going to go about this, take a look at the [tutorial PDF].