Audio Syncing in After Effects

Having an [audio file] and [a good concept] are just the beginning to a great project. To actually execute the idea, you'll need to start getting technical. Technique is what today's lesson is all about! We're going to bring an audio file into After Effects and lay down markers whereever we need to record a beat, word, phrase, sound, or any specific moment that we later want to sync motion to. Below you will also find a screen-cast of this lesson:  

Updating and Prepping the Style-Frame for AFX

In addition to this, I think I also need to make an updated style-frame, one that more closely matches the movement suggested by my storyboard. For reference, here is my original style-frame:



And here is my story-board, riffing off of the above style-frame:





There are some movements in the story-board that aren't captured in my style-frame, which is fine: style-frames aren't designed to suggest motion. However, I want to use my style-frame, or something very similar to it, in my After Effects project. This composition will have the text and images all laid out the way I want them to be, as suggested by the story-board. Here is what I have:

updated style-frame

It looks a lot different, and not as nice, as the original style-frame. Therefore, rather than call it 'style-frame', we should probably call this the composition frame, or staging composition, because we can now bring it into our AFX project and animate it. 


Continuing the Text Animation Project

The following tutorial covers the process of creating and refining a more 'animatable' styleframe. [Here are the exercise files]



Fixing Things...

Ok, so nothing is perfect right out of the box! We need to fix our quotes so that we can actually work with them. 



Beginning the Animation

Now that we have our quote shapes under control, let's start animating!

Did you catch all that?! It's cool if you didn't: you can [download the After Effects project with collected files] to look more closely at what I did (Note: these files are in CS6 format).