The Style Frame and the StoryBoard 

I want to begin discussing brainstorming and preproduction techniques for your midterm and final projects.  Below is a short PSA I made about closing Guantanamo Bay Detention Center in Cuba. 

Great subject, but how do I make a piece about such a depressing and serious subject exciting to watch?  One item that helped me considerably with coming up with interesting visual ideas is a styleframe.  As you can see, I'm really just experimenting with shapes and ideas in the styleframe example below:


Style Frame Tutorial:

Here is a video tutorial that goes over how I made it, and how it helped me make some of the important choices about my project:




The Storyboard

Fr0m the style frame above, it was much easier to make choices about the text and images would behave. This allowed to then make my storyboards. A storyboard is a essentially series of choice frames from your project, that occasionally have other marks and notes in them to communicate camera movement, sound effects, etc. to the production team. Below is a shot of my completed storyboard:


Storyboard Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial that shows you how I went from my style frame to storyboard:

Finally: For your own reference, [here is the download URL] for my completed style frame, storyboard, the original sound files, and other associated files.


As you can probably guess, the benefits of style frames and storyboards in a production enviroment are immense.  Now that you know how to create your own, I want you to think about your project concept and create a style frame for it. It should include a color palette, any font choices you wish to make, and any images associated with the project, etc.  Then I want you to create a storyboard from the style frame you created. If you don't feel comfortable making your storyboard in Illustrator, that's fine: you can find [storyboard templates online]. Print them out and pens or pencils to create the boards.

Whichever method you use, you must have a style frame and storyboards for your project presentation.