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Art 202/302/702 – Spring 2015

Week 5

The First Draft...

Below is the first draft of the demo animation for my Bar Tab mobile app. There is still a lot I would like to add to it, but the basic screen motion is presented here:


Optimizing Your After Effects Project for Render

The video tutorial below just goes over last minute steps I took to optimize the performance of my app animation AE project, both for RAM Preview performance and final rendering. Without going through with the steps outlined below, I was looking at a few hours render time for a 45 second video. Redic.

Topics covered: Scripting, Pre-rendering and Save Frame As

Here is a link to the [Selected_Comps_Changer script] I use in the above tutorial, and the [main scripts page] I found it on,

Here is the link to the [frame rate calculator] I use in the above example.


Finishing the Main App Animation

After doing the necessary preparation above, it's now time to actually finish this app animation. I do so in the following tutorial video:

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