Rapid Screen Sketching

Referring back to the must-, should-, and nice-to-haves from last week, we'll begin today's class by rapidly sketching all the screens we think we will need or want in our app. After we decide where app 'chrome' – i.e. menuing and any persistent buttons – we will assign who sketches which screens. 

Content prioritization

Having all our screens up on a board will allow us to prioritize and organize which screens are most important, or which should take some kind of priority over others. For example, a profile management screen is important, but it's not as important as, say, a screen that displays a map of you and your destination. We should attempt to order our screens by how important it is for the user to get to them.  

The paper prototype

Let's finalize our paper prototype of the app by refining all screens and assembling our paper prototype of the app.