Virtual Meeting with Bronx Children's Museum

Today, February 10, 2022, we'll be meeting with John Boudreau from the Bronx Children's Museum on Zoom. Be sure to arrive at 10:00am with your cameras on, ready to ask questions.


Homework – Due February 17, 2022

For homework, you will be continuing Figma training, this time using RedesignManual, a more in-depth Figma training module. This Figma training also provides you with a solid primer in basic graphic design elements and principles. Over the next four weeks you will complete the four modules, after which you will learn the following:

  1. Best practices in the use of typography
  2. Understanding color and how to use it effectively in web and mobile interfaces
  3. Basic principles of layout and how to organize information for web and mobile
  4. Using imagery in design scenarios

You will begin Module 01 – Typography – tonight! It is due next week, February 17. [Download the module here] and import it into your Figma account to start. NOTE: similar to Figma Ninja, you don't present the project file to interact with it, you just enter it in Edit (aka Design) mode and follow along using the lefthand menu and the instructions in the editing window. After you complete this module, submit the URL to your completed project file below: