User Personae, Task Models, and Journey Maps for the BCM


Today we are going to spend the first part of the class coming up with personae from the information we received in our client meeting at the Bronx Children's Museum. We should try to have as many distinct personae as possible, but not so many that they begin to overlap. 

User Task Models and User Journeys

Then we're going to spend some time coming up with possible task models and user journeys for our personae to engage with. We'll use simple sticky notes to create these so that we can easily rearrange and edit them if necessary. 

Precedent Research

Before we leave class we are going to split up into research groups. Your group's main objective will be to a.)spend our class time next week traveling to a cultural institution or public destination that has its own mobile application and, using their app, b.)identify delight-inspiring attributes and pain points of the app. Your group will then create a presentation of your experience to present next week. Just clarify, each group will be responsible for the following:

  • Coordinating a visit to a cultural or public-serving institution that provides some sort of mobile app-mediated experience.  Here are a few examples:
  • Identify good things and bad things about the user experience
  • Put together a five-minute slide deck about your group's experience. Be sure to include: 
    • screenshots of the app in use
    • images of the location and how it corresponds to the app
    • comments on accessibility
    • Does it help or hinder? 
    • Does in enrich or detract from the experience?
    • brief bullet points to explain the good and bad things
    • any insights...
  • Your group should determine your goals, roles, and accountability plans before we leave today!

Homework – Due February 24

Complete [Module 02 - Color of the Redesign Manual] on Figma. Submit your completed work below: