The Midterm Presentations are March 19 at 6pm

The Midterm for this course essentially takes the form of a presentation of your group work on the TypeEverywhere app design, followed by a play-testing session with an outside critic and a critique session. Below is a basic outline of what your group should present, and keep in mind that the actual presentation portion (prior to the play testing and critique) should take no more than five minutes. Lastly, it might be helpful to give everyone in the group a role for the presentation, i.e. someone sits at the computer and drives the app wireframe while other members of the group take turns explaining different features of the app.

  1. A brief (two sentence) pitch about what your app allows the user to accomplish
    • e.g. Our app is called TypeEverywhere and it gives users the ability to…
  2. A brief rundown of up to three apps that influenced your group’s design decisions
    • e.g. We were influenced by the way a user navigates in SnapChat
    • or We really like the simple user experience of Yoshirt
    • or even We were very much influenced by the functionality of WhatTheFont
  3. A quick demonstration of the app wireframe that shows us all your app's unique features. 

Once your presentation is complete, we will allow the user-tester(s) to play with it and try to figure out how to use it, how to break it, and then we'll open it up to comments and questions.