Week 10 class trip:

The Cooper Hewitt's Smithsonian Design Museum will be hosting an event on Wednesday, April 3 entitled "DesignPrep | Cinematic Storytelling."  Imaginary Forces Creative Director Alan Williams will share a behind the scenes perspective from main titles such as South Park, Stranger Things, and Anne with an E - revealing design principles, the power of abstraction and composition, as well as innovative storytelling techniques that students will apply to their very own boarded title sequence. I suggest we all attend this event rather than meet on our regularily scheduled meeting time the following night. Let's open it up to discussion!

Regardless of what we decide as a class, you can [Click here to register].


In-Class Broadcast Design Exercise: The Glass Panel Intro Animation

This intro wipe was developed for a freelance client of mine, Fordham University, for an interview series I worked on for them. The concept involves glass-like panels, floating back and forth on the screen at different depths, alternately showing the underlying footage and text in some frames, and blowing out these elements in others. The second half – where a logo appears to be floating in the middle of a room – we will do in another tutorial. You can download the exercise files for this lesson [here].




Thumbnail Sketches

This concept began with simple thumbnails, which you can view below. As these were enough for me to begin animating the project file, and in the interest of time, I opted to skip a storyboard. You can see how these sketches, however, demonstrate the basic concept I was going for: interview subject underneath, with text tracking across the screen and glass panels interspersed amongst this type, eventually revealing wide shot of the interview space. 


Exercise Tutorial Videos

We'll be doing this exercise in class today, but I have created tutorial videos for each step of the process, just in case you want to refer back to it at a later date.