The Midterm Presentation is on April 4th at 6pm sharp!

The midterm for this course is really meant to be stage one of a two stage, semester long project, culminating with the final project. You could, for example, begin with a concept design (or re-design of an existing concept: like rethinking theApple Inc. branding, for example), and then create some animated assets around this conecpt. This would then carry forward into the final project, where you would create some longer form content around this concept. Let's take a look at an example. And here is another.

You don't need to do something animated – you could use live action or a mixture of live action and animatin. I am very open to any and all ideas, so feel free to come up with something different and we can discuss whether it’s feasibile. 


Midterm suggestions and guidelines

  • You could create your own broadcast, corporate, app, or game identity. An identity includes all the design assets associated with a brand: logo, typography, color palette, etc. You could develop this identity for something real or fictional. With this identity developed, you can then
    • Create a logo/identity animation 

    • For broadcast or corporate-based projects, create concepts, sketches, thumbnails and, if necessary, storyboards for a logo animation or title intro, a bump or stinger, interstitial or wipe, and lower 3rds. 

    • For game or app-based designs, develop logo intros, examples of game graphics, and user interface animations. 

  • Finally, create other elements that work towards a complete graphics package for this identity, e.g.:

    • A set of broadcast design assets (i.e. lower thirds, a bug, interstitials, bumpers, title cards, etc.) for

      • A sports network
      • a primetime drama
      • a terrible reality show
      • an Adult Swim interstitial

This midterm work can be in support of your final, but it doesn't have to be: you can do something totally different for the final, if you so choose.