Midterm presentations are Thursday, March 21 at 1 pm sharp!

The midterm project is essentially the completion of your junk-drawer typeface, which was initiated in Week 03. Here are the requirements you must deliver on the day of the presentation:

  1. Sketches (10%): we wanna see'em. They are more telling about the creative process than the finished product. Breifly show them prior to showing us the finished peices mentioned below.
  2. Finished Font File (10%):  If you have only completed one case of your typeface (e.g. uppercase), you are to produce the other case, a set of numerals, and punctuation – essentially everything in Birdfont's Default Character Set: click ⌘R to see this. The good news? You are free to rescale your two modules for the other case. For example, if you have completed your uppercase, you can rescale to produce the lowercase. More good news? Punctuation would be difficult if you were constrained to just your two modules, so feel to use whatever shapes you want. You should try to use your modules, but you're not obligated too.  Once you're completed, export your typeface into a TTF file, which you then need to install with FontBook.
  3. Type Specimen (40%): You must create a specimen for your newly minted typeface! Show us what you made and how cool it is. Here are a few cool examples of what a type specimen should look like:

  4. Creative Usage (40%): Lastly, create an appropriate use of your typeface, something that might appear in the real world. Feel free to use your typeface with other typefaces, images, and other design elements.