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Ideation Part 02


User Task Models

Last week we discussed our initial app project entitled TypeEverywhere, and we ended class by discussing User Task Models. These are essentially small narratives describing the different ways we can imagine someone using our app: e.g. "take a picture and turn it into a typeface," or "copy an existing type project into a new project," etc. I want to start the class by just reviewing everyone's ideas for these task models, to make sure we all agree on what this app can be used for.  


Must-have Screens

These task models will, in turn, allow us to determine which screens we absolutely must have. Before we start sketching, let's first make a list of these screens. A few examples:

  • Home/logo screen
  • Capture or camera screen
  • Single Project view sreen 
  • Single typeface screen


Rapid Screen Sketching

Now that we've identified the screens we must have for this app to be usable, let's begin the fun part: sketching! Below are some sketches I did after thinking long and hard about which screens the app needs:


Content Prioritization

With these key screens in mind, and a better idea of what should go where, let's literally going back to the drawing board and draw key screens. Rework/resketch all must-have screens for homework.