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Digital Media For Designers II

Week 4

Sound Design and Advanced Animation

1.)We'll begin by having you all present your mobile application concepts. We want to see the following:

a.)Your elevator pitch

b.)Your design sketches

c.)PhotoShop/Illustrator mockups

2.)Then we'll talk about sound design in After Effects. I've included a short tutorial video that covers one of the ways I use sound in After Effects:

Introduction to Audio Syncing in AE

3.)Then we'll use some sound and advanced animation to create a logo animation for your mobile apps.

Here is a demonstration of my logo animation for my Bar Tab application:

Bar Tab Logo Animation


[Below is a 40 minute tutorial detailing how I went about making the logo animation:]

Bar Tab Logo Animation Tutorial

[Download the files for this exercise here]

4.)Homework: create your own logo animation for your mobile app demo video. You'll be drawing from your graphic design backgrounds here to develop a logo that befits the app concept you introduced today. Create a short, elegant animation (no more than 5-6 seconds) for your logo that has a meaning relvant to your concept. 

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