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Digital Media For Designers II

Week 3

Mobile Apps(!)

But first...

  • Let's critique what you all did for your 3D parallax exercise.
  • I want to go over some layer-specific details, covered in this [tutorial PDF] I have prepared for you. 
  • Let's discuss a possible usage for precomposition. I created this tutorial on how precomps and nesting really come in handy. I have also posted the files I am using in this exercise, including the After Effects project. [Click here] to download them. 

    • Ok, let's discuss mobile applications.
    • HW: Come up with your own concept for a mobile application. It can be a better looking texting application; or a fun game; or maybe you've been thinking of a great app idea for some time. Now's the time to sketch it out and make a mockup composition. Take your sketches and create a Photoshop or Illustrator composition. Here are the details:
      • an [elevator pitch] describing your mobile app concept. One to two sentences please! 
      • sketches of how you might execute the interface design of the above concept. Here are examples of my sketches:

        main-menu card edit-screen-flow
        button-states warning-alert

      • fleshed out Photoshop or Illustrator compositions of your best sketches, presenting us with 2-5 screenshots that demonstrate how the application behaves.   
      • If you would like to employ Apple's native iOS6 graphical user interface (GUI) elements in your app designs, [click here] to download a Photoshop file containing every conceivable element you would ever need: keyboards, buttons, labels, chrome, navigation, maps, etc. (courtesy of  [])
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