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CMP 342-Internet Programming

Week 5


Class 8 - February 27


  • Building a basic 3-column layout
  • The 3 column layout is a staple of web design. It contains all the basic layout elements you'll find in a typical web page:
  • The header
  • The left and right columns
  • The main column (where all the main content goes)
  • And the footer


Today we'll build the layout piece by piece and then try plugging in other elements, like the navigation tool we built last class. Here are the files from today's class.


Class 9 - February 29

Today we're going to take a bit of a departure from the world of HTML/CSS to the world of visual design. We're going be building the wireframe for this fictitious website:

farmhouse wireframe

We're going to first start by building the wireframe (or non-functioning composition) in PhotoShop and Illustrator. I have provided all the exercise files you will need. This zip file includes a asset files need to build the wireframe PSD, a completed PSD file, and completed code. In addition, because this is a rather intense trial-by-fire with Adobe Photoshop, I have also prepared a "Making a Wireframe" tutorial PDF that includes all the steps needed to complete this exercise (lucky you!).

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