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CMP 342-Internet Programming

Week 1

Class 1: Welcome to class. We have a lot to cover, we need to determine who has their own computer, and we probably need to change rooms. But I insist that we enjoy ourselves!

Homework: read

Class 2: Continuing on with an exceptional introduction to the spectacularily fabulous world of HTML

  • Thumbdrives and software
  • Introduction to HTML
    • What is it, what's it look like and how do I begin?
    • Basic Structure: 
    • Basic sytnax
    • Block level vs. Inline elements
    • Characters codes
  • More HTML tags - Links and lists.
  • Using your own details, make this basic HTML document happen: 
    • hello world_screen.png

  • Your personal account on
  • Uploading your pages to your site and testing them thru FTP
  • Homework:



You are here: Home | teaching | Spring 2012 | Week 1