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Midterm Project

Project Idea #1: Research

Because we're sort of on the road in between old HTML4.01 and the new HTML5 (not to mention JavaScript and JQuery!), I think that an appropriate midterm should really test your research skills. Specifically, I want to challenge you to find new HTML5/CSS3 and/or JavaScript technologies that you would like to learn more about and then provide your own implementation or test of. The best part: you won't be sending me your research reports in some stinky Word document. Rather you will make a simple webpage that displays your research clearly and beautifully.  

Some examples of topics include:

  1. The HMTL <canvas> element. Research how it's used and try to create something interesting with it.
  2. The HTML <video> and <audio> elements: what do you need to know to make it work properly. Try to get some video and audio playing in a web page.
  3. Related to #2, try to build a video website that uses a prebuilt media player plugin like LeanBack Player.
  4. On your own, explore some of the many new CSS3 effects that are available and use them in a small website example.
  5. Or choose your own topic to research: Just make sure to run it by me first!

Project Idea #2: CSS Zen Garden

The CSS Zen Garden is hallowed ground for any web designers. Since 2005, the Zen Garden has been a showcase for what is possible with Cascading Style Sheets. Should you choose to take on this assignment, your job is to create your own stylesheet to accompany the sample HTML page the CSS Zen Garden gives you. Click here for a sample CSS document to help get you started.

Please note that I will be looking for originality in your designs, so you'll get more points for at least trying to create an original design that isn't so nice looking than you will if you just copy another Zen Garden design and change a few values. A completed project will include the HTML, CSS and all realted images/files posted on your server account.




Project Idea #3: Create your own website 

This project is essentially a repeat of the exercise we began in Week 5, except now you are in the driver's seat: you need to design your own wireframe (either in a design program like Photoshop or Illustrator, or by hand), your own HTML and your own CSS file. It's a big project, so keep it simple. A completed project will include the wireframe image (PNG or JPEG please), and the completed HTML, CSS and all related files, all posted in your server account.


Project Submission: Send me a link!

You may have noticed that all these projects require the creation of HTML and CSS, to be posted on the server. I will not be checking your accounts to see if you have submitted your projects by the due date. In fact: I can't!  You will need to submit the project to me in the form of a URL (or URLs in the case of projrect #3, which includes a wireframe image and and HTML document as deliverables). 


Project Due Date: Thursday, April 5th

This gives you ample time from today (March 21) to complete these projects. If you are going to need extra time, please let me know no later than Wednesday, April 4. Otherwsie, your project will just be late...never a good thing. Email me with any questions.

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