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Final Project

Project Idea #1: jQuery Research and Application

There are plenty of very cool things you can do with jQuery: games, web applications, rich interactive websites... the list is practically endless. 

Some examples of topics include:

  1. Build a game: [click here for a tutorial of a memory game made with jQuery()]
  2. Build a jQuery lightbox
  3. Build a cool login form
  4. Build an iOS-like website with your own content

Project Idea #2: Create your own jQuery enabled website 

Many of you already created websites for your midterm in HTML and CSS. Seeing as you have already put so much effort into it,  you might like to continue on with this website. If so, you will need to add some functionality to it using jQuery. Of course, there are many ways to do this:

  1. You could write your own custom functions to enrich to the interactive experience.
  2. You could drop in and implement a prebuilt jQuery plugin that you found somewhere online.
  3. You could make use of the many, amazing jQuery UI components to be found online.

A Word on Research

A good portion of this project is the research requirement. I have outlined some examples and suggestions above for what you could do for your project, but the real strength of your project will lay in its exploration of what's available online. The harder you look on your own for something interesting to do, the better grade you will get.

Project Submission: Send me a link!

You may have noticed that all these projects require the creation of HTML and CSS, to be posted on the server. I will not be checking your accounts to see if you have submitted your projects by the due date. In fact: I can't!  You will need to submit the project to me in the form of a URL (or URLs in the case of projrect #3, which includes a wireframe image and and HTML document as deliverables). 

Project Due Date: Thursday, May 24th

This gives you ample time from today (Apil 25) to complete these projects.  Email me with any questions.

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