Presenting midterm concept

Let's start today with informal presentations of your team's midterm game concept. An elevator pitch, even if not complete or final, would be an excellent way to begin.

Work in Class

Work on your midterm project with your team


Read Chapter 5 – "The Roll of the Die" in The White Box Essay

  • This a short, little, but interesting article discusses randomness in your game. Some games, such as Chess or Battleship, employ 'Skill without randomnesshave.' I.e. they possess zero randomness: everything is laid out on the board at the start of the game and players make skill-based moves without any random or chance events occuring. Other games, like Candyland or Chutes and Ladders, emoploy 'Randomness without skill.' They are completely random – randomized by the shuffling of a card deck – and players have zero choice about what they do with the randomness of a card draw. 
  • Read more about types of randomness in this essay.