Playtesting in-class games

Let's spend some time playtesting the games your team created last week. Your team will read another team's rule set and play their game, then provide feedback about their game. 


Next we'll discuss interaction, what it is, and how it works in the context of gaming. We'll review Black Mirror: Bandersnatch again to analyze its level of interaction. Below is the embedded slide presentation from today's class. Pay careful attention to the slides near the end, which discuss failures to complete meaningful play, such as 'feeling as if your decisions are arbitrary,' or 'losing a game without knowing why.' [You can download a PDF of the presentation here.

Midterm discussion

 Let's also have a brief discussion about what each team is thinking about for their midterm project. 


  • Read Chapter 4 – "Story or Mechanics?" in The White Box Essays
    • This excellent essays discusses the interplay between the story (or narrative foundation) of your game and the mechanics (allowed actions) of your game.  
  • Get started on your midterm! Next week your team will present its initial idea in an informal presentation session. Then you will work with your team on the prototype design.