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Course Description

202 302 702 syllabus FA 19This course covers a range of problems in the practices, concepts, and social ramifications of design with emphasis on contemporary developments in form and function. Theoretical and/or historical issues relevant to contemporary practice are also explored. For more a detailed description of this course,  the grading policy, and the course schedule, click the cover image to the left to download the syllabus.

This semester, we will be exploring the subsection of Design dealing with games, aka game design. We will be analyzing games, playing games, and making games. The second half of the semester we will be working with a real-world client who is interested in having a very specialized game of her own developed and designed.


Rules of Play by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman

Challenges for Game Designers by Brenda Brathwaite and Ian Schreiber

The White Box Essays by Jeremy Holcomb

The lecture presentation for today's class


Read chapter 3 – "Meaningful Play" in Rules of Play

Read Chapter 3 – "Danger! Danger!" inThe White Box Essays