Class 01 - Course Overview; Elements and Principles; Exercise 01: The Person Card
Homework: Re-iterate person card with some form of imagery; Read Chapter 1 & 5 in Understanding Comics (UC)




Class 02 - Brief Critique of business cards; Review Chapters 1&5 in UC; In-class exercise: The True Story Exercise.
Homework: finish story compositions from The True Story Exercise; Read Chapter 3, “Closure," in UC.


Class 03 - Critique of True Story Exercise work; Narrative Design lecture; In class exercise: refining the True Story.


Class 04 - Cancelled. Read Chapter 03 in "Understanding Comics"


Class 05 - Obtain research from social work students; in-class brainstorming and sketching;

Homework: Read Chapter 6 in UC. The reading week will help considerably with the sketching you began in today’s class. While reading, pay special attention to word/image interaction (see page 153). Remember when you're sketching that we want to have the words of the story be interdependent with your images. Some of the story will be present as words, but some of it can be illustrated through image. Make the call on which is the most effective mix in your particular story and work from there. 

Recall these words from McCloud in page 155:

"the more is said with words, the more the pictures are freed to go exploring and vice versa.”

Refine your sketches as a response to what McCloud is talking about in chapter 6

Homework: Next week is Columbus Day, so you have two weeks to really flesh these sketches out and start creating compositions; Read chapter 6 in UC.




Class 06 - Telling a story with single and multiple images; conveyance; In-class exercise: flesh out sketches using GDP&E. You've made your story with separate images or sketches, now try to tell the same story in one image. Use space and placement to convey passage of time. 
Homework: Work on fully fleshing out sketches in whatever medium you have chosen. Read chapters 4+8 in UC.


Class 07 - Class Excercise: Conveyance


Class 08 - Critique of refined sketches. Class Exercise: Digitizing and Working With Digital Assets 


Class 09 - FIELD TRIP: Meeting at R.A.I.N. Eastchester Senior Center. 

Eastchester Senior Center

We have graciously been invited to the R.A.I.N. Eastchester Senior Center, at 1246 Burke Avenue, Bronx, NY 10469 (on the other side of the Bronx River Parkway). Today we will all be meeting the center to sketch, take photographs (pending permissions), and talk to the folks living at this center.  

It will give us a good chance to place human faces with the materials we have been discussing all semester. 

We will meet promptly at class time, 1:00pm, on November 6.

Getting There



Class 10 - Layout references review; Class discussion about cohesive layout; Build layout template in InDesign; Typeface discussion.
Homework: prepare work with text and images in InDesign for pre-presentation critiques next class.


Class 11 - Midterm Review: Presentation crits for refined pieces with paired type; 
Homework: we will be building the book in class next week. Please have your pieces refined and nearly complete. 


Class 12 - Building the Book in Class; critique of work.


Class 13 -Cover design discussion; Work in class


Class 14 - Pre-presentation critiques.


Class 15 - Final Presentations