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Narrative and Style Development

Title sequence

Garnering some common ideas that we think worked well, we decided to tackle the project beginning with the title sequence. A title sequence would likely be the most complex of all requested deliverables, and would also greatly inform the design of remaining deliverables, such as any logotypes, lower thirds, transitions, and bugs.

Narrative design

Crafting one minute stories that hit upon many of the ideas we uncovered during our ideation process: landmarks like bridges and buildings, the Staten Island Ferry, subway performers, and weaving different people in different boroughs together with a common theme or element (eg, a paper airplane flying through notable areas in each borough).
Students began developing these narrative designs with quickly sketched versions called thumbnails:

Style References

In parallel to narrative design work and discussions about logotypes, we also began to research styles that we liked and thought might be appropriate for the project. Below is a sampling of style references we were looking at.
The work of french designer and illustrator Malika Favre


The work of artist Charlie Harper


I AM HERE - a short film by Eoin Duffy


Boy and the World – animated feature by Alê Abreu


And miscellaneous design references that we arrived at through intense Pinterest research sessions: