Below are example from our initial brainstorming sessions, organized into two groups: brain dumps and mind maps.

Brain Dumps



Mindmaps are essentially graphical depictions of word and concept associations. They are arrived at by linear progression, moving from one central word or idea (e.g. pizza) to immediatly related words (e.g. cheese or pan) and so on, connecting to more and more words, concepts, or even images. The final outcome is a non-linear web of map of concepts, allowing us the designers to make non-linear connections between the them. Below are some examples we created.



Logo Design Sketches

In addition to brainstorming raw ideas, we also conducted a slightly more focussed brainstorming of logo concepts:


Welcome to Art 202/302/702 - Design and Advanced Design! Here's what I would like to go over today:

  1. Checking out your account on
  2. The Course Description
  3. Introductions
  4. The Course Schedule
  5. Broadcast Design Research Exercise and Presentation
  6. Homework:
    • Create a Pinterest account if you have none – then create a board for broadcast design or similar and begin collecting examples of things you find interesting. 
    • Also, get a sketchbook!


Class 01 – Intro; Syllabus; Preliminary Research; research presentation.

Homework: Create a Pinterest account if you have none; create a board for broadcast design or styleframes and begin collecting examples of things you find interesting. Get a sketchbook!


Class 02 – Brainstorming techniques introduced, practiced, presented. Begin logo treatment sketches. 

Homework: Ten (10) logo treatment sketches for presentation next week.  


Class 03 – Sketch critique; discussion and decision about which ideas to pursue. Color and type discussion.
Homework: Over next two weeks, sketch out minimum of five (10) styleframes, each one exploring a movement exploration of ideas discussed in today’s class. Feel free to make a few different explorations of the same idea, or go ahead and explore completely different ideas. Use any medium you feel comfortable with, and any level of completeness (anywhere from sketches to fully rendered comps). Please digitize them for convenient class viewing on the projector. 
Have the five (5) styleframes ready for presentation in two weeks, after the Jewish holidays. Shanah Tovah, bitches!



Class 04 – Work in class on five styleframes


Class 05 – Presentation of 5 Styleframes. 


Class 06 – In class work day to refine and expand your 2 best styleframes


Class 07 – Discussion about developing design work into various broadcast items; Intro to After Effects;

Homework: Choosing one of your two styleframe ideas from last week, expand your concept into different assets, such as transitions, bugs, lower 3rds, titles, credits, etc. Depending on your available time and skill level This work can range from sketches and hand-drawn thumbnails to movement compositions in After Effects


Class 08 – Continuing with After Effects


Class 09 – Presentation to client – or – After Effects lesson


Class 10 – Presentation to client – or – After Effects lesson; Rendering in After Effects


Class 11 – Incorporating client feedback – work in class


Class 12 – Work in class

Homework: Take the next two weeks to animate a rough title intro and a few of the broadcast assets you have been working with. Be prepared to present renders in two weeks. 




Class 13 – Presentation of rough animations


Class 14 – Work in class


Class 15 – FINAL – Present to clients

*Please note that the above schedule is subject to change.