Welcome to FTS 212: Introduction to Film and Television

Course Description

Graduates of the FTS major and MCS major will demonstrate a breadth of knowledge about mass mediated communication, encompassing, (A) aesthetics and genres, (B) ownership and industry structure, (C) communication technologies (from the telegraph to the mobile app to future innova- tions), (D) government regulation, (E) globalization, (F) issues of identity and diversity, and (G) the socio-cultural effects and implications of cinematic/ media representation. 

We're going to watch a lot of films in this class: some well-known, other's not so much. If you don't like film and television, or talking about it endlessly, then this class prolly isn't for you... For today's class we are going to be watching Charlie Chaplin's classic 1931 film City Lights.

Homework for this class is generally broken into three parts. For next class, complete the following:

  1. Reading: read chapter 01 in The Art of Watching Films
  2. Films:  watch Martin Scorcese's incredible Raging Bull (1980) and Harmony Korine's disturbing film Gummo (1997). 
  3. Questions: complete the reflection questionnaire below for both Raging Bull and Gummo. You can respond to both films on the same questionnaire, or complete two separate questionnaires. It's up to you.

Unit 01 Homework

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