Due December 19 

Project Requirements 

The final project class requires a little bit of research, trial and error, and testing. You are to choose a minimum of one jQuery plugin, either from the list below, or one of your own choosing, and try to implement it on your existing websites. The plugins listed below are just suggestions, and you are free to choose whatever you like from the world wide internetz, but please do let me know what you intend to implement before you start work!

Suggested plugins: 

A Word on Research

A good portion of this project is the research requirement. I have outlined some examples and suggestions above for what you could do for your project, but the real strength of your project will lay in its exploration of what's available online. The harder you look for answers to problems, the better grade you will get.

Project Submission: Send me a link!

Final projects are due, uploaded to the schwittek.com server and the URL emailed to me, by Dec. 19, end of day.