There are many amazing sketchbooks on the market, but for type-design I can make a few suggestions:
The Travelogue Journal Large Landscape: the landscape format is really great for typedesign because it allows you to lay out type sketches in a natural, linear way. I opt for the non-ruled or plain sketchbook because I don't like to be encumbered by someone else's metrics. That said, having a square ruled (aka graph paper lined) page does ease up the process of aligning characters to a fixed size. 
Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Large (5"x8.25") Notebook Black (square ruled): 
If you prefered something small and ruled, you can't do much better than Moleskine. They're cheap, portable, and they make you look really smart.

cheng-designing type


Designing Type by Karen Cheng
Full disclousre: I almost never require textbooks for my classes. However, when I see a book that I think is a must-have for a particular discipline, I break that rule. Karen Cheng's excellent Designing Type is so on-point, and so helpful with the generally accepted rules of character design, that one simply must own it. It's not expensive (c.a. $30-40 USD) and it breaks down the craft of type design into a beautifully accessible way. I will periodically assign readings from this book, and will make sections available to you PDFs when I can. 

[Here], for example, is the introduction as a PDF (25mb).


Type Design Software

For this course, we will be using Adobe Illustrator for actual design of our letterforms, and an open-source font editor called Birdfont to create our font files. 

Miscellaneous Downloads

Various assets and media may be made available below for download. Stay tuned!