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ART 325-Digital Multimedia

Week 7

I want to begin today by discussing your midterm project ideas. To start the ball rolling, we're going to take a quick field trip. Everyone please bring whatever brainstorming materials you might already have for your project so we can discuss those as well. Then we'll discuss Text in After Effects. If there is time, we'll do a little exercise with text as well. All the details appear below.

  1. Bring any brainstorming materials you have so far with you: we're going on a little field trip!
  2. Let's discuss everyone's ideas for their midterm. Remember: the midterm presentations are Thursday, November 1. That's just three weeks from today. 
  3. Now is the time to begin thinking more about [Text in After Effects]
  4. If there is time, let's create the following branding piece:

Below you will find the video tutorial for creating the above branding piece:

[Click here] to download the completed After Effects (CS6) file for this exercise.


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