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ART 325-Digital Multimedia

Week 6

  1. Today we'll finish working with Masks in After Effects. In case you didn't download it last night, here is the [Masking tutorial PDF] and [the Masking exercise files].
  2. At some point during our discussion above, there will be a fire drill (around 10am). Don't panic, leave your stuff in the the room (I'll lock it up), and calmly file out of the room, out the stairs, and out of the building.
  3. When we return from the fire drill, we'll finish the class by discussing the [ripping and preparation of content] fr0m various sources for use in your projects.

Homework: next week we will spend the first portion of class discussing your ideas. We have about a month until the [midterm], so you should have a fairly solid idea at this point.  

You are here: Home | teaching | Fall 2012 | Week 6