Cards, Letters and Prayers is a 24-minute documentary about Ron Ring, a 62 year-old political activist overcoming the rigors of poverty and schizophrenia. Director David Schwittek traces Ring from his roots as a gifted architecture student in Rochester NY, to his struggles with mental illness, his political activities during the 60s and 70s, and his recent return to school and politics.

The story behind this film also takes place in Rochester NY, where David Schwittek met Ron Ring while still in high school. After class one day, David was approached by Ron at a nearby copy store. While copying his 600-page manifesto, Ron regaled him with tidbits about depleted uranium and America's nuclear submarine program.

Though David passed him off as simply deranged, he still regarded Ron with a measure of fascination. It was this fascination that remained with David for years after and eventually compelled him to make this film.

The version you see here is a 5 minute cut produced for the 2008 SoundShore Video Fest held in Mamaroneck, NY. The film won Best Overall Film at this festival.