[Click here for the course syllabus]. The boilerplate description of this course is as follows:

Practices, concepts, history, and social ramifications of design. Typography, layout, identity, visual/physical structure, graphic iconography, and relationship of form to function. Theoretical and/or historical issues relevant to contemporary practice. prereq: art 101 or art 102.

Boring! But legally speaking, this is totally accurate, and indeed we will be touching on almost all of these things during the course of this class. More specifically, however, we will be designing broadcast graphics for a somewhat large project with the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment. Below are the details (subject to change).

Working title: BACK TO SCHOOL MASTER CLASS SERIES (Draft 7/13/17)

The Goal

  1. Six 30-minute episodes featuring renowned NYC public school alumni, across all sectors of the media and entertainment industry, returning to their high schools in each of the five boroughs for an inspirational conversation with students.

  2. The creation of 30-second, 60-second and 3-minute reels for promoting the series broadcast and program.

  3. Development of the production itself into a Master Class of its own, pairing Lehman College media students with faculty and industry professionals.

  4. Creation of Behind-the-Scenes content to document the process from beginning to end.

The Process

In collaboration with MOME, Lehman College will put together a production team of Lehman faculty and staff, students, and industry professionals. The project will be conducted in an environment that is equally professional and educational.

The Content

Each piece will consist of:

  1. Conversational discussion with the alumni as they tour their neighborhoods and return to their schools to speak with students.
  2. Interview discussion with a student from their school.
  3. An assembly at the school at which the alumni will speak with the students.
  4. B-Roll or supportive footage of the location (borough and NYC) that gives the viewer a real feeling of the borough they are in.

The Look

These pieces would be shot on higher end cameras and should take full advantage of the optics of the camera to help define the look and style of the pieces. Specifically:

  1. Shots should be composed keeping a shallow depth of field in mind.
  2. Rack focus within a shot whenever appropriate to help reinforce style and pacing.
  3. Stylized interviews on the street, in the neighborhood, or at the school.
  4. Possible use of 3D/4D images.


The graphics packaging is a very important component of this project as it will provide branding, and act as a consistent “glue” that will collectively present them as a cohesive series. A single graphics package will be created and used consistently. The package should be clean and identifiable yet simple and clear in its messaging. The package will consist of:

  1. An opening sequence- :10 which resolves to the title of the series as well as providing for a customized titling of the individual segment.
  2. A closing resolve of the project title- :05 with :10 pad
  3. A quick transition that can be used wherever necessary/desired to segue from shot to shot (roughly 8-20 frames TBD)
  4. A lower third which can be brought on as needed for name IDs, and such.
  5. A “bug" or small iconic representation of the series that will be placed in one of the corners of the screen throughout the piece to help identify/brand the pieces.

The Music

A musical score should be created for the pieces to be used in the open, the close and as an underscore. Additionally, more customized underscores could be created as dictated by any special needs of a particular piece/location. Functionally, the score for the opening/closing sequence should be created in concert with the animation of the opening as they can greatly enhance/influence each other. This will be created by Lehman Students and Faculty.