This is the pitch video for the ¡Salud! Myths and Reality of Mexican Immigrant Health documentary that I am currently researching and developing with my students. This film is the product of my honors seminar course at Lehman College CUNY exploring the so-called 'Latino Health Paradox' – the better than expected health outcomes of recent Latino immigrants to the US. We want to create a broadcast two-hour documentary to explain this paradox through the lens of recent Mexican immigrants in NYC.

This pitch video will be used to help crowdfund the documentary.

Directed by: David Schwittek and Alyshia Galvez

Cesar Andrade
Bright Assan
Victor Borja Armas
Shabel Castro
Dhensel Dorji
Jason Laguna
Percy Lujan
Vladimir Merkulyev-Arias
Christina Santiago
Guilherme Silva
Emily Szlachta
Cindy Vargas

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